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In The Hotel
In The Hotel

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  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks

    Hotel near High Wycombe Town Centre near West Wycombe. The Clifton Lodge Hotel. is a stunning 1930's 38 bed hotel set in its own large garden near the main A40. Car Parking is free for guests. The Chiltern countryside is just 5 minutes away, High Wycombe is just 10 minutes away giving the best of both worlds.

    Tel 01494 440095



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  • Poor road surface and repair, 22nd October
    Corner of London Road and Granta Terrace. Poor road surface damaged by lorries from Welch's. Inadequate repair made in July 2014 prior to Tour de France. Pot hole is now worse and tarmac has moved off repair on to pavement

    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 42 London Road, Stapleford
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Poor road surface repair, 22nd October
    Water company recently dug across road. New tarmac below road surface meaning an audible thump every time driven over. Tarmac already sinking below existing road surface. Work took place beginning of October 2014. Problem is on London road outside no. 40, close to corner of Granta Terrace

    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 36 London Road, Stapleford
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Estate Agents blocking pavement with their cars, 22nd October
    A continuous problem with Cheffins parking on and therefore blocking the pavement by the side of their office, in Clifton Road Cambridge. Latest culprit at 17.15 on 21st October 2014 was an Audi - AE63 DXJ
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 57 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Broken pavement pipe, 21st October
    A section of iron pipe is sticking out of pavement

    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 26 King Street, Cambridge
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Overgrown weeds, 20th October
    The cycle lane and footpath that runs between Nun's Bridge and Hinchingbrooke House is divided into two lanes, one for bikes and one for pedestrians. A large section of the cycle lane is so overgrown with weeds and nettles that cyclists have to ride in the footpath. The area is on a small incline and so bikes come down the incline quite quickly which is dangerous for pedestrians especially as it's getting darker earlier and the ground is wetter. Could the oveegrowth be trimmed back please.
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Huntingdon Road, Huntingdon
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Pedestrian crossing, 20th October
    The is a high amount of traffic here at peak hours. It's really hard to cross. It would be great if there was an island in the middle of the street. It would improve the safety a lot. There are other crossings available, but it's far away and no one goes that far. Thank you

    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 60 Histon Road, Cambridge
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Potholes in Church Rate Walk, 20th October
    The surface of Church Rate Walk is very uneven. The uneven surface combined with fallen leaves makes it dangerous for cyclists. The problem has existed for at least two years but is getting worse. The surface is bad for most of the length of Church Rate Walk, from Malting Lane to Summerfield.
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Wordsworth Grove, Cambridge
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Several lights out on this island or on main A428, 19th October
    Street lamps out on the roundabout or around the roundabout along A428
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): A428, Papworth Everard
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Ferrars / Butler / Topham junction - white lines need repainting, 19th October
    The road markings indicating the priorities at this junction have almost completely disappeared. I have been told by local residents that this gives rise to problems between users who think the priority is straight on (as priority normally is with no road markings) and those who think it's round the corner, as they remember where the paint used to me.
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 21 Ferrars Way, Cambridge
    Report on FixMyStreet
  • Cannot see traffic if turning right, 18th October
    If you are trying to turn right into School Lane from the Great North Road you cannot see the on-coming traffic as shrubbery in middle pedestrian planting area near Tesco express have become overgrown.
    Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Great North Road, Eaton Socon
    Report on FixMyStreet

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Clifton Lodge Hotel

210 West Wycombe Road,
High Wycombe

Tel 01494 440095

Web http://www.cliftonlodgehotel.com

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